#17 – Hip shot


This was one of the most interesting shooting I’ve ever had! Lots of people gathered at the central park of Bjelovar to celebrate Labour day. I sneaked among them and searched for interesting themes. First dozen of shots didn’t turn out well as I was trying to guess the right settings for my camera.

Drink in line

Then I went through the crowd and photographed as I walked. There was lot’s of noise so the sound of shutter couldn’t be heard, and I was more and more braver and approaching people closer and closer.

Enjoying in the sun

I couldn’t see what I photographed until I went out of the crowd. There were good scenes, but I was holding my camera at bad angle. So I had to do a few more rounds 🙂

Look at him!

Although the day was sunny and spring colors popped out, I decided to turn all photos to black and white, to get more atmospheric and uniform scenes. I really liked it and will definitely try this more!

What do you want?

#16 – Panorama

Bending time and space

Panorama is usually horizontal shot, but rules are meant to be broken, so I did a vertical panorama of 10 photos while enjoying a walk through empty streets of Bjelovar in sunday morning. There is no strong subject here, but similar to HDR, the scene is nevertheless interesting because of unusual point of view.

#15 – Out of focus

On the road to spring

Sometimes the best things come unexpected, so it is always a good idea to have your camera with you 🙂 Little Martin spontaneously went down the meadow, with his red shirt perfectly fit in green surrounding, and I was lucky enough to catch him in this scene.

#13 – 3+2

No bluffing

A little bit late for this week’s theme, but not too much 🙂 I thought a lot about what to photo, and then remembered poker and full house in cards. So I borrowed some coins and nice used cards – and this photo came up 🙂

#12 – Illusion

World in a glass

My list of ideas for this week wasn’t long – only two 😛 I wanted to photograph some scene with multiple mirrors and reflections, but in the end I tried to recreate an interesting shot I once saw – reflection of a landscape in a glass of water. My view isn’t very interesting, but the whole picture represents some kind of illusion (at least for me 🙂 )

#11 – Long exposure

Road rage

Almost in the same time two years ago, I had the same theme and was thinking how to capture something different than car lights in nighttime. I remember that I spent whole weekend trying and two good pictures were created. Now I don’t have that luxury with time, so I was a little desperate this Sunday afternoon with nothing on my mind and was pretty sure that I’ll have to prolong my creative process. But I somehow found nice picture of city lights shot in a rear-view of a car and got the idea to sit in the car and shoot the drive. Luckily, my daughter Asja and wife Tanja were ready to help, so all three of us sat in our car and took a drive through the center of Bjelovar: Tanja behind the wheel and Asja and I in the backseat. In half an hour of driving I took several pictures and liked the one above the most. 🙂