#33 – Path

Way to the moon

Long exposure of docks surrounded by the sea is a theme on my photo to-do list. This theme reminded me of that, so I wanted to use small docks in Biograd, where I’m currently on vacation, and shoot something to fit in. Sea was relatively calm so I didn’t get that soft surface effect with 30s exposition, but still I like how it turned out.


#32 – Astrophotography

Night at the sea

This theme is something that I didn’t have inspiration for, mostly because I don’t have appropriate gear and I couldn’t shoot something that I would be satisfied with. So I procrastinated a little (maybe a week or two 🙂 ). Sea is always interesting surrounding, so I wanted to shoot the night sky with the ships and reflections at the water. It is far from what I wanted to get, but still counts 😛

#31 – Summer

Blocking my sun

Massively late, but I finally found time to take some photos. Last weeks I was in rush between business and personal tasks, also preparing for my vacation and just didn’t find time to go shooting. Summer is still very hot and it’s perfect time to be somewhere near the sea 🙂

#29 – Liquid

Afternoon refreshment

Last week I took a picture of a fountain in Bjelovar while working on a theme liquid, but I wasn’t satisfied enough, so I waited a little. A few rainy days inspired me to shoot drops on a window, but again I wasn’t quite satisfied. This saturday I almost forgot my camera at home while packing to meet my friends for late lunch at a nearby restaurant. Luckily, I had it with me when I saw nice blue tones in contrast to pale yellow wine. I asked my friend to pour it into the glass, took a few shots and here it is 🙂

#28 – Bad habits

After the fight

Waiting for my brother in law really payed out well – after just a few shot, this one came up. No special settings or preparing: he was enjoying his break after the lunch, I said I need to photograph him and the rest is a little post-processing 🙂 It looks like he’s a street bare fist fighter who’s taking a break after the fight. Thanks dude 🙂

#27 – Green

Glimpse of the storm

Green is a color which makes me think of something natural and calming… yet it has certain dark note in it. After a few photos, it was obvious that underexposed shots looked better, so I continued in that manner, searching for green motives that would fill the frame.

Yet to come

Using shallow depth of my 50mm/f1.8 lens, I took many interesting photos, but in the end chose these two. They may feel dark and underexposed, but I like them that way 🙂