#04 – Food

Prepare for detox

Sunday lunch was a little bit late because I had to photo all the ingredients 🙂


#03 – Technology

Cool me silently

Although I’m not quite satisfied with this one, I didn’t have time to do something better. Just the inside of my computer. 😛

#02 – Blue


Again, blue is a rare color to find in nature, and while wondering where could I find it, the idea of photographing something in the blue hour seemed nice, but I couldn’t fit it in my daily schedule. Luckily, my friend Antonija reminded me of a blue door on one old building, so I gave it a try. It’s old and worn out look was really interesting to photo, so I tried a few angles and chose the one I liked the most.

#01 – Freestyle

Towards new victories

I got so used to going out photographing certain theme, like I’m on a mission, so I felt rather confused when faced with this free theme. While cruising on empty city streets, I suddenly saw lots of pigeons landing and flying on a parking lot. I waited a little, took several shots of them flying away  and then quickly went home to warm up 🙂

The challenge continues…

One more interesting year is behind me, filled with lots of great moments and lessons, one of which is definitely my 52 week photography challenge. Although I used to prolong photographing some themes, I still managed to finish it. So why not continue this interesting and fun habit in 2018? The story is the same as last year: predefined themes in facebook group S@mo Slik@j – Projekt 52 and my effort to have my camera in hands every week 🙂

#52 – Retrospective

Don’t look back in anger

I’m a big fan of bullet journaling, an offline method to track your tasks, events, ideas – everything worth remembering and noting. At the end of the year I can easily slide through pages and look back at the past year and also start planning for a year ahead. In this time I usually combine it with year compass booklet, which is also one fun way to reflect on the year behind and make your plans for the year ahead. It’s my retrospective.

#51 – Night

Night ride

As much as I don’t like these general themes (because my inspiration and ideas wander in various directions), it is also an advantage that, once you find the way you want to go, you are limitless in things to photograph. Another thing what I fancy about this challenge is the process: making my mind what to photo, going out there with that idea and then realize that other scenes, which I usually photographed suddenly, because they caught my eye, were better then my first intention. It was the same with this one. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the scene I wanted to photo and decided to try something else, stopped by the skating rink and saw many skaters there, tried few angles and found very interesting scene.