#23 – Lightscribe

Time flies

Once I finally shot this theme, I asked myself, just like many times before: Was this a problem?  I don’t know why I prolonged shooting this one, because it was lots of fun and relatively easy. And while trying to draw with white light, I accidentally turned on red light on my lamp and got the idea to add that color too. The tricky part was writing letters backwards, so I drew these simple ones. Maybe someday I’ll try something more complicated.

#22 – Poetry

…in fresh grass

This is one of those themes which you can interpret as you wish. Instead of photographing books with poems, which was the first thing that crossed my mind, I remembered an interesting series of photos called Poetry in unexpected places (or something like that) 🙂 So I searched for interesting songs about nature or spring as I wanted to photograph a poem in that kind of surrounding. At last, I found a nice little poem by Croatian poet Dobriša Cesarić. I combined my other passion (that I’m still practicing!) – hand lettering and wrote it on brown card paper to give it retro look. The rest was easy – I just needed to find interesting place in my garden and take a shot.

#21 – Morning

Good start

Saturday morning is perfect time to start day slowly and prepare tasty breakfast. There are lots of ways to be creative when preparing eggs, adding various ingredients. Combined with soft morning light and contrast which it creates, it was just the scene I was looking for 🙂

#20 – Blue

Blue details

I’m late, but still catching on 😛 We were busy these days organizing our daughter’s first birthday – among other things we cleaned the house so our blue  details popped out and I thought that I could try to take some photos. The minimalist feel with blue-white balance turned out nice and colorful playground was just the thing which brought some “mess” in the whole scene 🙂

#19 – Freestyle

Desert rose

It’s always difficult when you have many choices 🙂 And when it combines with busy month like May, some delay happens.
I noticed poppy flowers in fields as I was driving, so I got the idea to photograph a scene like that. Out of all pictures, the one with single flower in the middle of the field seemed like the best.

#18 – Backstreet alley

Colorful ride

In a small town such as Bjelovar there aren’t many backstreet alleys as in larger cities. I first imagined dark narrow street filled with graffiti and garbage cans, like a creepy scene from a movie. But I couldn’t think of any such place in my town, so I started to look for alternatives. After a while, the backyards of larger buildings seemed like a good thing to look for and it turned out to be a good idea because soon I found very interesting scenes.

Hidden parking spot

The ones I liked the most are these two – interesting colorful bike fitted in perfectly in concrete surroundings.

#17 – Hip shot


This was one of the most interesting shooting I’ve ever had! Lots of people gathered at the central park of Bjelovar to celebrate Labour day. I sneaked among them and searched for interesting themes. First dozen of shots didn’t turn out well as I was trying to guess the right settings for my camera.

Drink in line

Then I went through the crowd and photographed as I walked. There was lot’s of noise so the sound of shutter couldn’t be heard, and I was more and more braver and approaching people closer and closer.

Enjoying in the sun

I couldn’t see what I photographed until I went out of the crowd. There were good scenes, but I was holding my camera at bad angle. So I had to do a few more rounds 🙂

Look at him!

Although the day was sunny and spring colors popped out, I decided to turn all photos to black and white, to get more atmospheric and uniform scenes. I really liked it and will definitely try this more!

What do you want?