#40 – Transport

A side

I’ve already photographed a scene with passengers and train, so I had to choose something else for theme transport.

B side

Soft gold afternoon sun pulled me out in the street and just a few minutes from my house I found interesting and isolated car which I could photograph. Initial idea was to do something with wide angle lens, but shots with my 50mm/f1.8 turned out better.


#39 – Yellow

Yellow rhapsody
There is no blue without yellow and without orange, said the great Vincent van Gogh. Truly, it is magical combination, a glimpse of which I managed to capture on a sunny autumn day.

#38 – Fence

Wood vs. Metal

There was no thinking outside the box for this week: I got out the house as soon as the rain stopped to fall and searched interesting fences around the streets of Bjelovar. There are lots of old style metal fences, but also some modern ones, so my search went very well 🙂

Behind bars

#37 – Everyday life

A few minutes for myself

Again, I wanted to photo a scene in a coffee bar: grey morning, hot coffee or tea, newspaper and a cigarette. Since my weekend schedule is mostly dictated by my little daughter, I missed the chance to sneak out in the morning, so I thought about other things I could photograph. I tried to capture my wife washing the dishes, but it didn’t look good.. And just when I thought I would procrastinate with this theme too, Tanja had an idea to photograph showering as everyday activity and saved me for this week 🙂

#36 – Journey

It starts with the first step

Although thinking of journey has a nice scent of adventure, it can be also be interpreted through daily life (which is also my next theme 🙂 ). I remembered good old college days, lazy Sundays and traveling back to Zagreb, usually with train. So I jumped to the train station, waited a little and then captured some scenes of a few passengers boarding.

#35 – Landscape

Bilogora vintage

What’s a landscape without a little touch of HDR? 🙂 Today I was very productive shooting 3 themes in one day. Luckily, the unpredictable weather served me well and I managed to take some nice scenes with dramatic sky in the background. A few minutes later it started to rain.

Time to go home

Although I don’t like heavy processing, both pictures seemed better in vintage and contrast HDR style, so I left them that way.

#34 – Eyes in darkness

Wanna fight?

To be honest, I didn’t like this theme – it was too abstract on the one hand and to limiting on the other, so maybe that’s the reason I prolonged to actually do something about it. I tried thinking of something creative, but nothing came up on my mind. So I did classical eyes in darkness photo. Not very satisfied, but I can’t procrastinate any more, there are still few themes waiting to catch up 🙂