#17 – Hip shot


This was one of the most interesting shooting I’ve ever had! Lots of people gathered at the central park of Bjelovar to celebrate Labour day. I sneaked among them and searched for interesting themes. First dozen of shots didn’t turn out well as I was trying to guess the right settings for my camera.

Drink in line

Then I went through the crowd and photographed as I walked. There was lot’s of noise so the sound of shutter couldn’t be heard, and I was more and more braver and approaching people closer and closer.

Enjoying in the sun

I couldn’t see what I photographed until I went out of the crowd. There were good scenes, but I was holding my camera at bad angle. So I had to do a few more rounds 🙂

Look at him!

Although the day was sunny and spring colors popped out, I decided to turn all photos to black and white, to get more atmospheric and uniform scenes. I really liked it and will definitely try this more!

What do you want?

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