#50 – Perfection

Life: a perfection
Life: a perfection

I really had a hard time thinking about this theme. What is perfection, how to represent it? As usually, I sat down, took my notebook and started writing things that are perfect to me. First it seemed like it has to be something spectacular and unique, but is it really that way? The more I thought about it, the more I was realizing that perfection is all around us: like never ending life cycle, plants, flowers and animals, people around us and moments we spend with them, a quiet morning, reading a good book, closing your eyes and enjoying the music…. all simple things which we neglect and take for granted because of some artificially set-up values. I also found a nice article on zenhabits.net which confirmed my contemplation. Among all the things I’ve noted, the life itself seemed like the most perfect one, so I tried to shoot one part of that amazing cycle where old are replaced by new ones and so on and so on….


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