#46 – Memories

All the letters
All the letters

After overbooked last week, I reserved this Sunday for two submissions. I thought a lot about this theme and had two good ideas: double exposition or stacked photos, both of which I haven’t done before. I decided to try the latter one – I imagined a subject surrounded with photos or letters (memories) which are in his/hers memories. My usual model Tanja wasn’t in the mood for shooting, so I had to be both the model and photographer šŸ˜› It should have been done earlier this week in order to improve my work, but it was Sunday afternoon, the shooting was made far from my computer and by the time I got home it was already dark outside. So here it is: my first try at stacking photos – it’s far from perfect, but was very fun to do and I’m sure I’ll try it again soon!


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