#40 – Perfect pairing

Just perfect
Just perfect

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the first idea for every theme is something food-related šŸ™‚ Thinking of this one, lots of crazy food combinations fell into my mind. But I decided to play a little and do something different. Some time ago I saw interesting photos with bokeh variously shaped. After some research, I wanted to try it myself.

Bokeh - behind the scenes
Bokeh – behind the scenes

Initial idea was to compose a photo of a couple holding hands, with heart shaped bokeh behind, representing perfect combination. So I found some hard paper, and after few tries made my bokeh filter. The idea is to shoot very wide (in my case f1.8) to get more striking bokeh. But my first idea didn’t turned out so well, so I tried to get silhouettes of a couple. After a little experimenting, photos out of focus seemed to have something special, so I picked one, made a few small adjustments in Lightroom, and here it is. Again, those heart shaped lights were not photoshoped – it’s the effect of a bokeh filter.


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