#39 – Muted tones

Deep in the forest
Deep in the forest

When I first read muted tones, I thought it is something related to music 😛 But really it’s about getting the colors muted or to get the pastel look rather than intense and pop-up colors. The first idea was to capture a road or part of a forest in a foggy morning. I also knew that shooting with very wide aperture can result with background nice and creamy, so my 50mm/f1.8 could be very useful.

Pick me, maybe?
Pick me, maybe?

Forest was very common idea in my thought-flow, so I decided to take a visit and maybe find something interesting there. It was a good hunch as I found many interesting autumn motives which fitted well into this theme. To enhance the washed color look, I additionally crushed the blacks in post-processing, which resulted with interesting, film-like look.


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