#32 – Low key

Shot from the dark
Shot from the dark

This week the challenge was more demanding than usual, as it required good technical preparation, as well as creative thinking.

Dark sounds
Dark sounds

Low key photography contains mostly dark tones and is full of contrast which creates mysterious and dramatic effect. It’s like the opposite of high-key photography, which leaves airy and light mood, with reduced contrasts.
Again, my friend Igor helped me with the setup and equipment: after few test shots, we got the best results by using an extra tripod with flash set on 1/4 – 1/2 strength, with f8 at shutter speed 1/180. Lobby in my house was temporarily turned into the studio, some black jackets served as a dark background, and the fun started 🙂 I had an idea of photographing a hand holding a camera which we tried first, and then, to use the whole setup, we tried a few more scenes, one of them with a violin.

Low key - behind the scenes
Low key – behind the scenes

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