#08 – Long exposure

Come on, Pagani!
Come on, Paganini!

Two shots for this week: each is good enough (in my opinion :)), so I solved the dilemma by uploading them both šŸ˜€

Rush hour
Rush hour

Normally, when I think of long exposure, I see a street and light trails made by cars. I even had some decent shots before – one of it is hanging on a wall in the company I work for. But this time I wanted to try something different. Some interesting photos popped up as I searched for inspiration – especially with people caught in movement. Church on Sunday was perfect for this kind of shooting – lots of people leaving church created blurred movements I was hoping to catch. While waiting for the afternoon mass to execute this shooting, I played around with some other ideas – one of them was shooting a moment of violin playing. Spontaneously, I made some interesting photos, like the first one in this post and decided to present it too.


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