#05 – Mirrored image

Mirrored evening walk
Mirrored evening walk

When I thought about making mirrored image photo, the first thing that came on my mind was a scene of someone holding a mirror, with reflection of a certain detail. My first try on this was just like that: I tried to capture an interesting scene reflecting in a mirror – something like framing the live image which was held by someone. I had a few decent shots, but wasn’t quite satisfied. Few years ago, I spontaneously shot some images of reflection in the shop-windows, so I tried to get something similar again. The weather wasn’t on my side – snow and clouds blocked the soft morning/evening sunlight. So I went out in a search for a mirror – and found it in the form of small puddles in the street. After changing several perspectives and desired reflections, I was the most satisfied with the image above.

Again, it was fun doing the research, thinking about the composition, searching for scenes and processing the final image.


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