#04 – Out of focus

Out of focus - 1
Walking out of focus

Whoa, a complete change of perspective and approach for this week’s task!

Driving out of focus
Driving out of focus

Usually, I tend to make photographs as sharp and clear as possible, so I thought it won’t be a problem to shoot a “blurry” one. But it wasn’t so trivial: if you lack of focus, you need to add something else to make the photo interesting (composition, mood, story…). I haven’t had a clear idea of the image I wanted to shoot, so I went out in a search. It took me a while, trying different scenes and experimenting, until I got more and more comfortable shooting things out of focus. It was very interesting experience and I’m sure I’ll give it a try again sometimes.

Finally, I couldn’t decide between two images, so I uploaded them both.



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