#49 – Bokeh

Smokin’ stars

It was fun shooting this one, similar as in one theme of my 2015 challenge. I made few filters with various shapes, with intention to go outside and shoot some colorful christmas decoration lights. I fist wanted to see how it works inside, and totally unexpected, I got some interesting photos. The shape star filter worked out perfectly with similar candle holder and all of the sudden I made some cozy holiday-mood picture 🙂


#48 – Window

Little shop of horrors

The end of the year is near and everything is speeding towards Xmas day, just to stop and slow down from there. And so is my schedule, busy and overloaded, so I missed the last week to photo a window themed picture (and almost this week, as I went out photographing after 19.00h 🙂 ). Interesting little shops in our central park caught my attention, so I went there searching for something interesting. After a little talk with sellers in one of them, I took a few pictures and went back to my warm home.

#47 – Salty

Salty salt

Once again, it is really interesting to see how the same picture can fit into various themes. I first shot this one, waiting to think up something to photograph for theme contrast, and realized it could be in that category as well. But I decided to leave it as I first imagined. Out of many salty ideas, the plain salt turned out the most interesting. Thanks to Tanja who encouraged me even to start photographing this one, I’m now back on the track with following my 52week challenge 🙂

#46 – Contrast

Night contrast

In the last seconds of this Sunday I found the most interesting scenes, took a few shots and liked the outcome. I had trouble deciding what to photo as this theme is so abstract and general, so I just went out and started to look what could be contrast in some way – and that approach turned out to be very good  🙂

#44 – Vibrant

Street art

Busy November and tight schedule are main reason for my late submission. But I haven’t had problems with inspiration – I knew colorful graffiti would be very suitable for this theme. Luckily, in Bjelovar there are few talented young artists which paint over the old and dull walls, making it a little bit more urban place.

#43 – Pumpkins

Crowded room

Lots of people would mention Halloween when thinking of pumpkins, but I my first association was colorful ones which can be found at our local market. The picture itself isn’t something special, but the real value is in the process of making it – because I went out of my comfort zone, asking local traders if I could photograph pumpkins they were selling and talking about my 52-week-challenge.