#29 – Liquid

Afternoon refreshment

Last week I took a picture of a fountain in Bjelovar while working on a theme liquid, but I wasn’t satisfied enough, so I waited a little. A few rainy days inspired me to shoot drops on a window, but again I wasn’t quite satisfied. This saturday I almost forgot my camera at home while packing to meet my friends for late lunch at a nearby restaurant. Luckily, I had it with me when I saw nice blue tones in contrast to pale yellow wine. I asked my friend to pour it into the glass, took a few shots and here it is 🙂

#28 – Bad habits

After the fight

Waiting for my brother in law really payed out well – after just a few shot, this one came up. No special settings or preparing: he was enjoying his break after the lunch, I said I need to photograph him and the rest is a little post-processing 🙂 It looks like he’s a street bare fist fighter who’s taking a break after the fight. Thanks dude 🙂

#27 – Green

Glimpse of the storm

Green is a color which makes me think of something natural and calming… yet it has certain dark note in it. After a few photos, it was obvious that underexposed shots looked better, so I continued in that manner, searching for green motives that would fill the frame.

Yet to come

Using shallow depth of my 50mm/f1.8 lens, I took many interesting photos, but in the end chose these two. They may feel dark and underexposed, but I like them that way 🙂

#26 – Half


While searching for inspiration, many ideas came up, but what I liked the most were unusual photos with twisted perspective and conceptual feel. I came across one interesting photo and tried to recreate it. The half is present in white and black contrast and there is a half pedestrian crossing the street 🙂

#25 – Portrait


Photographing someone close or connected with me seemed too easy for this theme, so I decided to try something new and take photos of interesting people that I don’t know. It was so simple while I planned this, but out in the streets it was something completely different. I didn’t quite know how to approach someone and ask if I could photograph them and, on the other hand, I didn’t find many interesting people to photo. I had one chance last week but I hesitated and blew it 😦 So I made a little compromise and took a photo of a legendary bar owner in Bjelovar – Bruno, who I know, well, as a person who goes to bars 🙂 I like the look in his eyes which is happy and sad at the same time.

#24 – Fruit

United colors

Finally catching up.
For this one I jumped out of my comfort zone and went to the local market with my camera, found interesting scene and asked the seller if I could take some photos of products offered. Lots of people were passing, but I managed to take a few interesting shots of various colorful fruit.