#11 – Bicycle

I only ring once

The idea for this week’s theme has been on my mind since I saw it in the list, but as I’m still catching up, I finally shot it this Sunday, two weeks later 🙂 I don’t believe in destiny or similar stuff, but one thing often happens to me: when I start thinking about something related to other people and don’t do it in some short time, other people do something similar related to me. For example, when I decide to contact a friend I haven’t heard for a long time and postpone it, that person contacts me 😛 I even have one good friend which I joke with that we have telepathic link 🙂 In this case, a colleague photographer in our 52week challenge facebook group shot something similar last week and, as I wrote earlier, I had this idea almost 2 weeks on my mind. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I’m still on track with my photographing 🙂


#10 – Cold

Hide and seek

This is one time when procrastination payed off – I had to photo this theme a few weeks ago, but I calculated and put it off so the snow melted and so did my motives 😛 After that, ice cold beer in the fridge was something I was hoping to photograph, but just didn’t feel like it.

Looking through the beast’s mouth

Suddenly and unexpectedly lots of snow surprised me this morning and I knew it is time for action 🙂 Although I was home alone with my daughter the whole afternoon, I managed to take 5 minutes off (thanks to grandma and grandpa 🙂 ) and take few shots. Two pictures mean that in the end I was very satisfied with the results 🙂

#09 – Black & white

Cracks and lines

Again very general theme (which I generally don’t like). As I was thinking of possible scenes, I remembered one photograph I saw a long ago – monochrome shot of street lines in very high contrast. So I went to nearby parking lot and tried a few angles. The pictures weren’t something special, but the magic happened in post-processing. I only hope I didn’t overdo it – I sometimes notice that, so it would be better if I took some time off after finishing the photos and check them a few hours later. But it’s always the last moment, so it’s still just a wish 😛 Nevertheless, I like the final outcome, especially straight lines cut by crack in the asphalt.

#08 – Shoes

I look after you

My first idea was to photograph a scene of putting on shoes on my daughter’s feet, but this would more fit into high speed theme 🙂 I tried it, but it was so quick I couldn’t even find a proper scene 😛 So I followed my girls in the street and took a few photos of them walking, which turned out pretty well 🙂

#07 – Still life

Preparing for business

Quickly after I’ve done some searching for inspiration, the idea of photographing some business related scene came up. For preparation, I bought large white and black hard paper (which was my intention long ago) and decided to use the black one because it gives more classy look 🙂 Although I didn’t feel like photographing this Sunday, my wife encouraged me so I put down few details like watch, belt and glasses and started to look for the best angle. In the process more stuff came to fill the scene, I tried different perspectives and it looked better and better, so at the end I chose the last one as it seemed the best.

#06 – Winter

Snow in vineyard

It is usual to have theme winter in first few weeks of the year, but this strange weather has some other intentions, making it quite a challenge. Looking in my garden, it seems like it’s spring more than winter: snowdrops and primroses are flourishing, roses are full of buds, the whole nature awakens. To catch some of the winter feel I drove around nearby hills looking for interesting scenes.

Frozen land

It wasn’t only the winter I was looking for, but some scene which I could interpret in four different seasons, as adequate themes are planned throughout this challenge. So I picked two which I liked the most (as usual, I’m not quite satisfied :-P) hoping that they’ll have their charm in the rest of seasons.

#05 – High speed photography

Pour me one more

Sunday came and I thought I was going to be late again for my weekly theme. Surprisingly, I did some research during this week as this was more technical theme than artistic. But it turned out very fun, not just of all the spilled red wine over the kitchen (my wife has just cleaned it :-P), but also trying to set the right lightning, setup and coordinate the shooting with my curious daughter 🙂 If I will do something like this again, I’ll try to schedule it for Saturday afternoon, with few more glasses 😀